Research Report on China Condom Industry, 2011-2020

By the end of 2015, the annual output capacity of condom has exceeded 15 billion which not only meet the domestic demand but also are exported to such countries as United Kingdom, Brazil, Spain and Russia and bring in an export value of over USD 80 million.
As a special product, condom market in China can be divided into two parts. On one hand, governments at all levels each year purchase over 1 billion condoms from 17 designated enterprises and distribute them to people free for family planning and protection from STD. Although the Chinese government purchases large amounts of condoms, the unit price was only CNY 0.2-0.5. But things are changing, for example, in the first half of 2013, the Chinese Center for Disease Control and Prevention has purchased more than 10,000 female condoms, providing them to sex workers in the country. The China Contraceptive Supplies Center at the National Health and Family Planning Commission bought another 40,000, which are mainly handed out to married women. In the end of 2015, the Hebei Provincial Center for Disease Control and Prevention has purchased some condoms for gay.
On the other hand, competition in the commercial market of condom is quite fierce. There are hundreds of condom makers in China most of which order condoms from other makers or purchase imported ones and then sell them rather than produce by themselves. The unit price of condom is CNY 0.5-20 in 2015 and its market size in 2015 surpassed CNY 8 billion. As the profit margin in commercial market is large, many enterprises are vying for it.
As some Chinese consumers think that imported condom is better than domestic one, large amounts of condoms are imported into China each year from such countries as Japan, Malaysia and Thailand. In 2015, the import value of condom reached about USD 279 million and the trade deficit exceeded USD 200 million.