Research Report on Auto Glass Industry in China, 2011-2020


With the rapid development of China’s automobile industry in recent years, market demand in China’s auto glass industry increases at an average annual rate of above 10%. The demand for auto glass in China exceeded 150 million square meters in 2015.

The characteristics of China’s auto glass market are as follows. OEM market has high barriers to entry and long certification cycle, including the third-party certification, automobile factory certification, product bidding, and design and testing. The acquisition of whole vehicle accessory orders normally takes 2-3 years. Whole vehicle manufacturers require high-standard R&D, logistics supply, and product quality, while OEM market has large demand and high concentration rate. Whole vehicle manufacturers choose auto glass manufacturers with strong competitiveness and high brand awareness as suppliers. The cooperation usually lasts long once established. In China, domestic auto brands is featured with a large number of varieties but a small production volume . The auto glass product has an economical sales radius. An advantageous location of production base may reduce costs and realize the short-distance supply.

Fuyao Glass is the largest manufacturer of auto glass in China, which accounts for more than 50% of China’s auto glass market share. Meanwhile, Fuyao Glass is expanding into overseas market.

By the end of 2015, the average automobile reserve is 125 vehicles per 1,000 people in China, which is far lower than that of 600-900 vehicles per 1,000 people in developed countries. With the sustainable development of Chinese economy, China’s automobile market has huge development potential.

The annual growth rate of China’s auto glass market demand is expected to remain above 10% in 2016-2020. Problems still exist in China’s auto glass industry. Most enterprises are small-scale with low-quality products except a few large-scale enterprises. The medium and small enterprises are expected to be eliminated while market space will be seized by leading enterprises.