Research Report on Machine Tool Industry in China, 2011-2020


In 2015, sales revenue of machine tool industry in China exceeded CNY 800 billion. Although the output value of machine tool industry in China has been in the leading position globally, structural contradictions of the whole industry have become more acute. Sales revenue of machine tool industry in China is experiencing a rising trend. However, China still lags behind developed countries in terms of manufacturing technics, which is embodied in the technical level and operating speed of core operating components, consistency in product precision as well as reliability of machine tools. For example, core components still rely on import from other countries, which is the biggest obstacle in the development of China’s machine tool industry.

According to statistics from General Administration of Customs of China, the total import and export value of machine tool industry reached USD 24.336 billion in 2015, down by 13.49% compared with that of 2014. Import value stood at USD 14.113 billion, down by 18.18% year on year; export value reached USD 10.223 billion, down by 6.06% year on year. Trade deficit stood at USD 3.89 billion.

In recent years, the numerical control rate of Chinese machine tools has been improved. However, when compared with countries such as US and Japan, China still lags behind.

As the high speed stage of the development of heavy chemical industry in China is approaching the end, growth of investment in related fixed assets is constantly declining, which affects the sales of relevant machine tool products in this field. A typical example is from 2011 on, production and import of heavy machine tool products has witnessed a decline trend.

The driving force for Chinese economic development is shifting. Since 2011 consumption has been becoming the primary driving force for economic growth gradually exceeding investment. Affected by this, production and sales of machine tools for consumer goods manufacturing is better than that of heavy industry. It is worth noticing that industrial robot industry in China is emerging. It becomes a trend for machine tool enterprises to enter robot manufacture field with their manufacturing advantages.