Fresh Air System Industry Overview in China, 2011-2020

According to CRI, fresh air system manufacturers include foreign-owned enterprises such as Honeywell, Mitsubishi Heavy Industries and DAIKIN, as well as local manufacturers of central air conditioners and air purifiers such as Midea, Gree and Haier. Foreign-owned enterprises stepped into fresh air system market early positioning in commercial field before releasing household products from 2014.

At present, the sales and installation of fresh air system mainly cooperate with enterprises concerning central air conditioner and architectural engineering. Part of enterprises also sell it through agents and other own channels.

According to CRI, fresh air system is mainly applied in fields such as public buildings, residence and industrial buildings. It develops on the basis of public building application market like hospitals, office buildings and banks, which accounts for major market shares in China. It has a large development potential with the rising demand of the residence field for fresh air system as a result of the intensifying air pollution and awareness of health. However, the proportion of the industrial field is only about 5% in this market.

CRI’s research shows that the market scale of fresh air system was about CNY 5 billion in China in 2015, which increased by 30% compared to 2014. Meanwhile, the market scale of household air purifiers was over CNY 10 billion in 2015. According to the statistics from the developed countries like Japan, the former will exceed that of the latter, which is a sign for the large development potential of fresh air system in China. According to CRI, the fresh air system industry will develop rapidly in the residence market and public building field with a larger scale in the next few years.