Research Report on China Stevia Rebaudiana Extract Industry, 2016-2020


According to CRI, China is a leading manufacturer and exporter of stevia rebaudiana mainly exporting to Europe, the U.S.A., Japan and South Korea. The export volume of China stevia sugar accounted for 80% of the globe and that of stevia rebaudiana extracts was the largest among plant extracts in 2015.

The FDA approval led to a global boom of stevioside as natural sweeteners at the end of 2008. Presently, stevioside is added as preferred natural sweetener in most food production fields. Stevia rebaudiana possesses its own advantages of planting and a relatively stable market in contrast to other plant extract markets with wild raw materials.

As one of the early countries developing the stevia rebaudiana extract industry, the output volume of China accounts for 80% of the aggregate global supply. According to CRI, the output volume of stevia rebaudiana extracts was over 4,000 tons and 80% of them were for export in 2015. However, China is still a low-end supplier of stevia rebaudiana extracts. Enterprises in major global manufacturing areas of stevia rebaudiana including Shandong, Jiangsu and Tianjin mainly export stevioside with low content of RA as well as ordinary sugar.

The export value of stevia rebaudiana extracts was less than USD 1 million in China in 2000 while it exceeded USD 200 million with an export volume of over 3,000 tons in 2015 with accelerated export growth from 2006.