Analysis Report on Major Manufacturers and Brands on China Cigarette Market, 2017-2021


The tobacco industry remained stable in development with a series of supporting policies issued by Chinese government and the growing demand of domestic market in China in 2015. It is expected to enter an accelerated development period for larger investment, technical breakthrough and scale accumulation in the near future. The sales volume of cigarettes was 49.79 million cases (with 50 thousand per case) with a decrease of 1.2 million cases YOY and a trend of wild fluctuation by month in the first half year in 2015. In February, the sales volume increased by 28.58% YOY for the Spring Festival while it declined to -2.70% in March and increased by 5.01% YOY in April. In 31 provincial regions in China in 2015, the sales volume of cigarettes of six ones increased including Chongqing with an increase of 42.9 thousand cases, Guangdong with an increase of 29.3 thousand cases and Guizhou with an increase of 14.2 thousand cases ranking the first three with Shenzhen, Tibet and Hainan following them.

CRI analyzed the operation status of over 30 major domestic cigarette enterprises and the market situation together with product strategies of over 100 brands of them. This report provides valuable reference concerning the market situation and characteristics together with investment opportunities in the production and trade of cigarettes in China.