China Capsicum Extract Industry Overview, 2017-2021


Capsicum extract is rich in vitamin, protein, sugar, organic acid, calcium, phosphorus, iron, etc. As the important natural functional extract, capsanthin and capsaicin are widely used in food, medical care, cosmetics and other fields and highly favored by clients from developed countries such as European countries, the U.S., Japan and Korea, accounting for large proportion of the relevant international trade.

In the 1950s, the U. S. first extracted capsanthin from capsicum. Then the capsicum natural extract became the main development direction of capsicum processing industry. Capsicum extract industry was successively led and dominated by the U.S., Spain and India for more than half of the century. China capsicum extract industry started in the 1980s, however, the annual output volume of capsanthin accounted for less than 2% of the world’s total one during the past twenty years. In 2014, the export market of capsicum extract focused on India, Spain and Japan whose total market share was as high as 69.62%.

China’s export to India reached USD 36,320,900, accounting for 42.56%. The export to Spain was USD 14,516,900, which accounted for 17.01%. And the export to Japan arrived at USD 8.574 million, accounting for 10.05%. The output and sales volume of capsanthin in Chenguang Biotech Group Co., Ltd. was the first all over the world for seven consecutive years. The production and sales volume of chilli extract hit a new record to maintain first in the world for two consecutive years.