China Underwear Industry Overview, 2017-2021


According to CRI, the market size of China underwear industry kept growing in recent years. In 2016, the market size of domestic underwear industry surpassed CNY 280 billion. Lingerie accounts for 60% of the whole underwear market, serving as the key section of the underwear industry.

The market concentration rate is quite low in China underwear industry. Based on CRI, there are over 3,000 brands in China underwear industry, however, the market share of Top 5 enterprises is less than 10%. The market share of international famous brands such as Victoria’s Secret exceeds 10% in the U.S. and Japan. The low market concentration rate in China explains the relatively low barriers to entry. It is relatively easy to occupy the market with differentiated products. In terms of the present domestic garment industry, the underwear market enjoys prominent profits and growth rate, providing the access to the domestic underwear market with a golden chance. With the increasing living standards of Chinese residents, their demand for underwear keeps growing accordingly.

Chinese underwear market steps into segmentation era. First tier cities gradually focus on fashion and individual consumption, which are followed by second tier cities combining the radiation effect of practical products on the lower tier cities. Third and fourth tier cities and rural areas pay attention to the utilitarian consumption. The segmentation of ages became a segmentation orientation of underwear development in recent years. Personalized underwear, fashionable underwear and functional underwear gradually separate from traditional underwear.

With the level-up living standard in China, underwear gradually serves as the supplement of outerwear instead of the pure wearing function. The collocation of underwear and fashion is becoming a kind of development trend. No matter the personalized products or traditional ones possess increasingly high technological content. In addition to aesthetics, lingerie needs to be good for both bodybuilding and health care.