China Ginkgo Biloba Extract Industry Overview, 2017-2021


According to the statistics, the output volume of the global ginkgo biloba extracts was 526.3 tons in 2009, and that reached 158.4 tons in China which was the largest ginkgo biloba extract producer all over the world. Its production capacity accounted for over 50% of the global one. The output volume of ginkgo biloba extracts in Germany and France was about 110 tons.

In 2014, the output volume of global ginkgo biloba extracts reached 888.8 tons. In 2015, China exported plant extract products to over 130 countries and regions. The export value of traditional markets such as Asia, Europe and North America ranked top of the world, accounting for more than 90% of the total one.

Shanghai Sine Promod Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. and Sinopec Shanghai Petrochemical Company Limited possess 6 related patents. Guizhou Biochemical Engineering Center and Zhejiang Conba Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. have 5 related patents. Fudan University possesses 4 related patents.