China Cava Extract Industry Overview, 2017-2021


Cava is helpful in relaxing body and brain. Taken 20 minutes in advance, it can improve the sleep quality withouttiredness after wakening. Cava roots can be used for making non-alcoholic beverages and dried medicines. It is widely used for relieving stress, anxiety and insomnia in western countries.

Cava contains a special resin (Kavalactone) which can function at the emotional center of the brain such as indirectly influencing the GABA receptor and directly influence the muscle, leading to mental and physical relaxation in two different ways. Different from alcohol, no addiction and long-term brain damage can be caused. No side effects of cava exist in accordance with recommended dosage except occasional rash, headache and mild nausea for allergy crowds.

Cava grows mainly in areas such as the south Pacific island nations, Fiji, Vanuatu and Polynesia. In the U.S.A., cava extracts are sold as medicines, and cava beverages will be legal in alcohol beverages. At present, there are twenty kinds of cava beverages in the U.S.A., and most of them concentrate in South Florida. Meanwhile, the number of cava products is increasing with the loose control in the U.S.A.

China mainly produces cava extracts by rate including kavalactone of 30% as major supply specification and that of 70%. Cava is listed as export control products in its major origins of South Pacific countries, leading to barriers of import volume growth in China. Therefore, prices of cava extracts will increase rapidly accordingly due to the limited demand for raw materials and import or rising prices.