A-Share Listed Household Appliances (Refrigerator, Air-conditioner and Washing Machine) Companies – Profiles and Financial Data

Source: http://www.shcri.com/household-appliance/33385-a-share-listed-household-appliances-refrigerator-air-conditioner-and-washing-machine-companies-profiles-and-financial-data.html

CRI analysis shows that the production volume of household appliances decreased in 2016 over 2015, affected by consumption market. The production volume of refrigerator decreased by 1.9% YOY; air-conditioners decreased by 0.02% YOY; while the washing machines increased by 0.7% YOY. The domestic market remained weak in China. CRI analysis states that in 2015 the retail sales volume and value of refrigerators decreased by 4.9% YOY and 1.3% YOY, respectively; that of air-conditioners, decreased by 1.1% YOY and 4.8% YOY, respectively; the sales volume of washing machine increased slightly by 0.6% YOY and the sales value increased by 4% YOY.

The product structure of household appliances indicates a significant trend toward high-end products. Multi-door/side-by-side refrigerators and large-capacity refrigerators, which are in consistence with the upgrading trend, are growing fast. The popularization of conversion appliances is extending from air-conditioners to washing machines and refrigerators. Meanwhile, the business in household appliance market is changing from price competition to eco-experience competition. With the upgrading buying experience integrating products, services, logistics and Internet, the competition around eco-experience is likely to promote the healthy development of e-commerce.

According to CRI analysis, the purchasing power of Chinese residents becomes stronger in recent years. At present, the sales volume of refrigerators and washing machines are getting saturated, while the air-conditioner market still have big space to grow.