A-Share Listed Measuring Device Companies – Profiles and Financial Data

Source: http://www.shcri.com/device/33392-a-share-listed-measuring-device-companies-profiles-and-financial-data.html

Chinese measuring devices are mostly mid- to- low-end products. China lags behind foreign players in high-end and cutting-edge products. With the advance of technology, intelligent devices have become the new trend in recent years and will be the major driving force for the market in the future. China’s intelligent devices have also been catching up with advanced world standard.

In 2015, total import and export value of the devices industry was USD 67.6 billion, decreasing for the first time since 2009. Import value was USD 41.4 billion and export value was USD 26.2 billion, resulting in a deficit of USD 15.2 billion. Decreased domestic demand resulted in decreased import and decreased international demand also affected China’s export.

China mainly exports low-end industrial automation control systems and devices, optics devices, medical devices, electrical devices, experiment analytical instruments and weighing apparatus. Major imports include high-end (high-precision) industrial automation control systems and devices, experiment analytical instruments, medical devices, optical devices and electronic measuring devices. China’s trade surpluses only exist in low-tech measuring devices, weighing apparatus and graphing calculators. Imports of other products all exceed exports, especially high-tech industrial automation control systems and devices, electronic measuring devices and medical devices.