A-Share Listed Electronic Components Companies – Profiles and Financial Data

Source: http://www.shcri.com/components/33403-a-share-listed-electronic-components-companies-profiles-and-financial-data.html

The vigorous development of the global electronic information industry created a promising prospect for the upstream electronic component industry. The takeoff and the rapid growth of automobile electronics, smart phones, laptops and set-top boxes enabled the development of the electronic component industry. Among telecommunications products, mobile telecommunications, optical communications and telephones all need large quantities of components. In addition, strong demand also arises from computer and related products as well as consumer electronic products.

According to CRI, the past decade has seen the continuous rapid growth of China’s electronics industry, driving the vigorous development of the electronic component industry. China has maintained its position as the world leader in terms of the production volume of  varieties of electronic components. China’s electronic component industry stands at an important position in the international market. China has become the global manufacturing base for electronic components such as amplifiers, aluminum electrolytic capacitors, cathode ray tubes, printed-circuit boards and discrete semiconductor devices.

CRI estimates that in 2016, the total production volume of electronic components in China was over 3 trillion, increasing over 2015.

New types of market demand have pushed electronic components to become smaller, chip-type, digital, smart and environmentally friendly. The future of China’s electronic component industry is bright.

It is expected that from 2017 to 2021, the rapid development of mobile Internet, automobile electronics, new energy and VR industries will drive the growth of the electronic component industry.