Research Report on China Corrugated Paper Product Industry, 2017-2021

Corrugated paper is a common material for paper packing boxes. Corrugated paper products discussed in this report mainly refer to packaging materials made of corrugated paper including corrugated boards, corrugated boxes, etc. Corrugated paper is featured with the following qualities that other packing products cannot substitute: (1) Low cost, light weight, easy processing, high intensity, and easy to store and transport. (2) Easily decomposed, recycling and reusing. (3) Good printing adaptability and environmental performance. Corrugated paper can be printed with water-based ink and can be served as packaging for food and digital products.

According to CRI, Corrugated paper product industry is one of the most important sub-industries of packaging. Corrugated paper products can be applied in various fields including digital electronics, food, beverage, medicine, daily chemicals, machines, etc. For the past few years, global corrugated paper packaging industry kept transferring to Asian regions including China, so Asian and China’s corrugated paper packaging industry is playing an increasingly important role in the whole world.

Recent years have witnessed a decline in China’s economic growth, meanwhile growth of demand of traditional industries for corrugated paper products declines. However, the rising e-commerce promotes the development of express industry in China. From 2008 to 2016, number of online consumers rose from 74 million to 467 million in China, and total number of expressage rose from 1,513 million to 31,283 million in the same period, growing almost 20 times in 8 years, which greatly promotes the demand for corrugated paper products. The demand for food, beverage and other consumer goods grows with the rising income level of Chinese residents, which promotes the demand for corrugated paper products to some extent.

According to CRI, due to the non-standardized property, the general business model of corrugated paper products is MTO, namely producing products according to the production process and quality required by orders from customers. In addition, its range of sales will not exceed 300 kilometers due to the lower unit price. Most of the customers are within 300-kilometer straight-line distance to the factories, and enterprises need to lay out production bases according to customer distribution.

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