Research Report on Automotive Wiring Harness Industry in China, 2017-2021

Automotive wiring harness is a connection component in automobile electric system. The technical content of automotive wiring harness gradually becomes a major index for evaluating automobile performance. Automotive wiring harness is a key component that influences the electric performance of vehicles, so vehicle manufacturers generally maintain long and stable cooperative relationships with professional wiring harness manufacturers.

According to CRI, the global market share of Japanese automotive wiring harness manufacturers YAZAKI and SUMITOMO ELECTRIC adds up to over 50%, and the global market share exceeds 60% if FUJIKURA and FURUKAWA ELECTRIC are also included. In addition, three South Korean automotive wiring harness enterprises, KYYNGSHIN INDUSTRIAL, YURATECH and Yujin together account for over 10% of the global market share, and other large enterprises include LEONI AG, DELPHI, LEAR, etc

According to CRI, China has been the largest automobile producer and seller in the world for 8 successive years with the development of its automobile industry. The development of China’s automobile industry also promotes the development of domestic automotive wiring harness enterprises. Most of the domestic automotive wiring harness enterprises are featured with lower production capacity and fewer matching models, providing products for some domestic OBM. As for some domestic OBM automobile enterprises with large annual production volume including BYD, GWM and Geely, these enterprises all own subordinate automotive wiring harness manufacturers. Most foreign-funded vehicle manufacturers  in China have stricter requirements for automotive wiring harness, so they mainly choose international wiring harness giant manufacturers in China. In addition, Japanese automobile brands prefer purchasing products from Japanese automotive wiring harness manufacturers while Korean automobile brands prefer those from Korean manufacturers.

Consumption of automotive wiring harness per automobile rises with the advancement of automobile electronic technology. According to the market research of CRI, each automobile was assembled with averagely fewer than 70 sets of wiring harness in China in 2010 while over 80 sets in 2016,and especially each new-energy automobile is assembled with over 100 sets of wiring harness, the cost of which used by new-energy vehicles is 20-50% higher than that used by general automobiles. The production volume of automobile reached about 28.12 million  in China in 2016, and CRI estimated that the demand for automotive wiring harness exceeded 2 billion sets and the market size was over CNY 40 billion. The production volume of new energy vehicle reached 512 thousand in 2016, up by over 50% YOY. New energy vehicle became  one of the major driving forces in the future development of automotive wiring harness industry in China.

According to CRI, in 2017-2021, China will remain to be one of the fastest growing economies in the world, and the production volume will keep growing. China’s automotive wiring harness market is estimated to keep developing.