Investigation Report on Chinese Thymosin α1 Market, 2018-2022

Thymosins can enhance body immunity and are mainly used in the treatment of hepatitis and tumors. Thymosins mainly include Thymosin, Thymopentin and Thymosin α1. Thymosin α1 is a high-end thymosin.

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It was first launched in the U.S. as an immunomodulator for tumor immnuotherapy. Now it has been clinically used in the treatment of many tumors. Research shows that the use of Thymosin α1 in tumor chemotherapy and radiotherapy can enhance patients’ immunity, reduce toxic side effects and infection rate, improve patients’ life quality, and increase remission rate and even survival rate. As a vaccine adjuvant, Thymosin α1 can enhance the immune response to viral vaccines such as influenza and hepatitis B vaccines for people with impaired or inhibited immune functions including patients who are receiving chronic hemodialysis and suffering from geriatric diseases.

According to CRI, Thymosin α1 has been growing since it entered China, with its sales value increasing from less than CNY 7 million in 2015 to more than CNY 1.2 billion in 2017. The Chinese Thymosin α1 market is now dominated by the products of Patheon, Hainan Shuangcheng Pharmaceuticals Co., Ltd., Chengdu DIAO Jiuhong Pharmaceutical Factory, etc. By sales value, Patheon captured more than half of the market, becoming the most powerful market player in 2017. By sales volume, Chengdu DIAO Jiuhong Pharmaceutical Factory took up the largest market share. Many domestic enterprises seek to scrabble for market shares from Patheon by advantage of low prices.

According to CRI, the incidence of cancer is increasing with the economic development, aggravating environmental pollution and residents’ changing lifestyle. Therefore, the Thymosin α1 market will continue to grow from 2018 to 2022 as the immunomodulator market grows gradually.

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Topics Covered

-Size of Chinese Thymosin α1 market

-Competition pattern of the Chinese Thymosin α1 market

– Prices in the Chinese Thymosin α1 market

-Prospects of the Chinese Thymosin α1 market